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Dude, I really ended this journal on an emo note. =P

Haha. It's fun to go back and read stuff. o.o
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[ mood | depressed ]

I've been in a really bad mood lately. Not angry...I just don't really feel anything. I'm really confused right now.

*sigh* I haven't seen Iruka-sensei around lately. I'm thinking of going to volunteer at the academy, since we haven't had any missions for a while.

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[ mood | flirty ]

Here's a picture of Haru! Haru is actually Naruto...the cat. Which is why I changed his name so I wouldn't have to keep saying Naruto the cat! Because animals are people too! And they should not be addressed as if they aren't!

Haru >3Collapse )

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[ mood | tired ]

Is everyone on here CRAZY!

And why does everyone keep posting pictures without cuts?

It seems the only sane ones on here are Shika-chan, Gaara-kun, and Sasuke-kun! Bah, I guess it doesn't matter...

I think I'm going to change my kitty's name. I haven't used it that much, right? Because it's really annoying when I'm talking to him and then Naruto thinks I'm talking to him. And he's being really troublesome...he ripped up the couch again.

Yesterday I helped Shika-chan find a cat. He got a grey one and named it Kumo. Do you think you could bring him over sometime? Maybe if he has something to do, Naruto(cat) won't rip up the house...

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Umm....I decided to name the cat Naruto. I couldn't think of anything better...and I was not going to name him Cat! Also, I was wondering, Shika-chan, are you still going to get a cat? If you are tell me when you are going to leave! I'll help you choose one ^^
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I was walking today when I passed by a tree that had a little kitten in it. And since I, unlike Kakashi-sensei, am smart I was able to help the cat. He didn't have a collar or anything similar to that on it so I was thinking that maybe someone had left him outside because they couldn't afford to feed it or something. Anyways, I took the kitten home and I think I might keep him. He has orange fur with white fur around the face area and paws. I still don't know what to name him yet...I was thinking Naruto.
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